Top 3 Tips For Choosing The Best Wedding Entertainment

You've Got One Shot

When booking a Michael Buble tribute (or any wedding entertainment) here are a few things for you to consider:

1) Are they professional?

2) Are they reliable?

3) Are they experienced?

Your big day going well is my Number One priority. 

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It's your big day. You've planned it for months (even years?), and the last thing you need is some diva performer causing hassle over some tiny detail.

Make sure you choose a professional who is there to make your day better, not worse.

My priority is that your big day goes well, whether you book me or not!

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"The DJ hasn't turned up because his brother wouldn't led him his van"

"Stan's hungover so isn't coming and singing".

Booking a professional gives you the peace of mind that they will turn up, be smartly dressed, with clean, smart PAT-tested equipment and be insured.

Why not take away that potential headache?

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I'm all for giving people their first break, but come on - this is your wedding!

So while little Stevie down the road wants to get into singing, this might not be the time for him to find his feet at the expense of the enjoyment of your guests while he muddles his way through a set of obscure songs.

You want your audience to enjoy themselves, right?

You want them up dancing?

You want to make incredible memories?

Call me now and let's get you booked in:

Weddings. One of the most amazing days of your life…
...but they can also be seriously stressful times. 


 The planning… the waiting.. and then BAM! The big day is upon you and it’s over in the blink of an eye!


All you’re left with is memories. Your memories and the memories of the guests. The photos, the videos, etc.



BUT there are SO many things that can go wrong!

Some you can control, and others you can’t.


So let’s look at one thing that can commonly go wrong and remove that from the table:




Imagine with me for a minute: you’ve got a room full of guests and you can choose one of two outcomes… ONE: they have an amazing time that they remember for years to come…

…or TWO: they have an AWFUL experience that they’ll still remember for years to come!


I know which one I’d rather choose.


So how do you practically *guarantee* that your wedding entertainment  delivers the goods?


Well, if you were having a dinner party and your choice of catering was either Gordon Ramsay or your neighbour’s nephew Daryl who’s thinking about going to college to study catering, then it’s a no-brainer.


This is exactly the same with your wedding entertainment.


Wedding entertainment can OFTEN go wrong, and the usual cause is by cutting corners on the things that matter.


So whether you’re thinking of choosing a DJ, a Wedding Singer, a Michael Buble Tribute act, and Swing Singer (or even a combination of all those), then the bigger your budget, the better the results.

It makes sense, right?

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas Galore!

Hey, I've only been married once (so far haha) but I've been involved in DOZENS of weddings, from singing during the ceremony, crooning during the wedding breakfast, and all the way to DJing and singing the night away to a packed dance floor. 

So trust me when I say this isn't my first rodeo... CALL ME or fill in the contact form and we'll look at your wedding together- Let's see what we can add or tweak to make it absolutely magical and unforgettable!

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